Online UBO v3.1 schema released

20 September 2021

An updated version of the XML schema has been released. This includes a section for nominators, nominees and appointors.

Online UBO v2 forms released

20 June 2018

The online version of the simplified UBO forms has now been released.

Users may now manually fill in and submit the simplified UBO forms in electronic form. This is available for Express Trusts, Foundations and Corporate / Legal Entity.

UBO XML Schema v2.0 Released

20 June 2018

The second, simplified version of the UBO XML Schema is now available for download on this website.

Submission navigator tool released

20 June 2018

A new tool has been made available to allow users to view and edit the contents of the submission at a glance. The submission navigator allows users to jump to different parts of the form and will also allow for removing any UBOs or Senior managers they may have entered erroneously prior to submission. As the user enters new UBOs and / or managers, they will see them appear within the submission navigator.

The image below shows what the new UBO subission navigator looks like whilst a submission is in progress

UBO XML Schema v0.9.5 Released

26 June 2017

The first version of the UBO XML Schema is now available for download on this website. This XML schema will allow submissions to be made to the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Register of Gibraltar once registration is available and the register is open for submissions.

While submissions may be made on paper form, or by electronic form, this method is better suited to bulk submissions, where a large number of entities are being registered by a single company manager.